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When I'm near to home, in waters that I know well, I can't want to use any type of guide to catch all the fish I could ever eat. I know the way to trap all of the fish around me, and that i may even catch whatever kind I love to eat most by adjusting my selection of lures and baits. It's quite fun, and i also often impress friends and neighbors by declaring which type of fish I'll catch next, after which pulling it out with the water in under Ten minutes most of the time. - inshore fishing charters South Padre Island

    But when I'm visiting another person and fishing inside their territory, or when I'm on a fishing vacation, where I am not sure much about the fish that are in the local waters, I have to utilize a fishing guide. I usually buy several fishing guides all the main brands that publish them, however, if there exists a local one compiled by a specialist local fisherman, I am going to put the most faith in that one. Furthermore, i want to speak with the regulars at the local bait and tackle shop to see if they've got any hidden tips or tricks. - inshore fishing charters South Padre Island

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